A bright blue screen wich pops up out of nowhere at the worst time possible and implies that your computer has encountered an error wich oftenly leads to the system freezing, crashing, and causing you to restart your computer.
Man I was on level 96 of "MYST" and I dident even get to save because of the stupid blue screen of death! Grrrr <filler> <filler> <filler> <filler>
by John October 19, 2003
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A screen that made you commit suicide thanks smart people at Microsoft. Now made Extinct by Windows XP, but that has its own problems.
A close relative to the BSOD is the General Protection Fault or
Critical Error
Damm those BSOD's.... wTF? i got A GPF already!
by Fury1671 November 8, 2003
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An annoying screen that windows users see at least once a day that kills everythig you were doing at the time
by Darkmaster2004 March 22, 2006
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Something that happens after every half hour on a Microsoft Windows 98 or lower. Get an XP, dorks!
That's my 129th BSOD today and counting...
by TheBurninator December 9, 2003
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1) A tried and true method for ensuring people need to buy new hardware after smashing their keyboard and/or mouse into their monitor. This never resolves the problem but is highly satisfying if you can afford it.

2) Mandatory, unexpected, frequent and infuriating intermission for Windows users.

3) Herpes for your PC, flare ups are painful and hard-booting may temporarily relieve symptoms. Frequent system maintenance can help if you don't flare up during, which gets exponentially harder to do. No cure, working as intended.
1) I have lots of extra money so I bought a Windows PC. Now i can place a recurring order for keyboards! Yay, Blue Screen Of Death!

2) I almost won that game but WINtermission snuck up on me. I'm gonna go step into heavy traffic to calm down.

3) Dude, I'm havin all kinda Blue Screen flare ups. I need to defrag, scandisk and pop some antibiotics.
by Machinations July 22, 2011
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(B)lue (S)creen (O)f (D)eath
Majroly happens on older versions of windows (even windows 1)
It happenes if you have like, 700 programs going at the same time.
Luckily, vista, windows 7, 8, and 10 (possibly xp?!) Has a safe mode so you can either go and repair/fix the file that got curropted Or you can just, not be an idiot and run over 9000 programs at once.
Friend: Blue Screen Of Death huh?
Me: The seventh time this week.
Friend: let me go over your house and see what is causing it.
(5 hours of repairing a file)
Me: Thanks dude!
Friend: NP. btw, have you concidered getting a MAC?
Me: Oh you mean the one that crashes 7 times each day?
Friend:.... shut up
by fire blades January 6, 2016
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