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Someone who can't figure out what a dumbfuck is.
If you are reading this, you are probably a dumbfuck.
by TheBurninator December 19, 2003
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A chicken's worst enemy.
God bless Colonel Sanders for his beautiful creation.
by TheBurninator November 28, 2003
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v. To incinerate something at random without warning, usually by dragon. Commonly affiliated with pesants and the country side in general.
Damn it! Trogdor's burninating my thatched-roof cottage again!
by TheBurninator January 06, 2004
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Something that most people on this site don't know even exists.
Wat is this spel chek? I no of no spel chek.
by TheBurninator December 18, 2003
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A fag convention on the internet.
l33t dood(fat 32 year old man in a thong):Hey guys
AzN bOi(nerdy 13 year-old whitey):Yo man
angel gurl(unpopular teen geek):Hi!!!
l33t dood:So... Pokemon is gay!!!
angel gurl(who has a pokemon card collection):Ya anyone who likes dat is st00pid!
AzN bOi:Were so kool arent we guyz
l33t dood:Ya...
by TheBurninator December 12, 2003
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The home of all the cheap crap you'll ever need!
If Wal-Mart keeps lowering their prices every day, how come nothing is free yet?
by TheBurninator November 17, 2003
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The stupidest typing style on the history of the planet, used by azns,azn wannabees, and people who don't know where the hell their Caps Lock key is located on the keyboard.
AzN PryDe DuDe!
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003
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