24 definitions by TheBurninator

Something.com is the most pointless website ever.
Just go there and see for yourself.
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
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The home of all the cheap crap you'll ever need!
If Wal-Mart keeps lowering their prices every day, how come nothing is free yet?
by TheBurninator November 18, 2003
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A small, leafy shrub found in grassy areas.
by TheBurninator December 12, 2003
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Right when you thought they couldn't possibly screw up more, they surpise you.
by TheBurninator January 7, 2004
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Something people believe the Iraqis have because of 50 percent media, 50 percent Bush, and 0 percent truth.
If there's one thing Bush is good at, it's lying.
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
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To get beaten badly, smoked, or kicked the crap out of at something.
Dude, you just got wangchunged!
by TheBurninator November 29, 2003
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The stupidest typing style on the history of the planet, used by azns,azn wannabees, and people who don't know where the hell their Caps Lock key is located on the keyboard.
by TheBurninator December 10, 2003
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