An error message on a blue screen and uses the MS-DOS font. This happens when major or "fatal" errors occur. In some cases you can press any key "to continue," but sometimes pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL may be required, and in rare cases you will have to power off the computer due to the keyboard not responding or getting a "System halted._" message.
Windows ME sucks. I get blue screens of death 24/7.
by gs6 December 23, 2002
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Blue screen that you're all too familiar with if you use an older version of windows. If you can't wait the ten minutes it takes to crash, just put a floppy disk or cd in and then take it out while trying to load something from it.
Last year at my school there was a slideshow with pictures of the seniors at an assembly. I laughed my ass off when the blue screen of death showed up halfway through their shitty powerpoint presentation.
by Chris April 30, 2004
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Windows NT crashed.
I am the blue screen of death.
No one hears your screams.
Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return.
by hayw00d February 16, 2005
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Microsuck's warning that uses complicated addresses to warn you that you are running Windows.

The fatal screen that showed on Windows 98 when Bill Gates unveiled the "great" operating system.
Windows has crashed. I am the blue screen of death. No one can hear your screams.
by CaptainCumshot April 9, 2007
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the true "blue screen of death" is much more rare than the screen many claim it to be. For those who say it is the screen that says "fatal error" and "press ctl+alt+del" you are WRONG. that is a blue screen but it isnt the BSD. the real Blue Screen of Death give a lot more information and starts out with "a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." This screen means your computer is hosed. Completely.
the screen i have gotten many times was blue, however it was not The Blue Screen of Death
by M.P.H December 11, 2006
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Windows has been running for 2 minutes now. We can thusly expect a Blue Screen Of Death right about... now.
by Spork August 27, 2003
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Bill Gates you are one sick sick man, to create something this horrible, and why does it have to be blue why can't it be green or pink or purple.
Im stitting in the computer lab and suddenly the computers one by one start to blue until all the computers around me are blue then I say to myself "oooh shit, wait until I save my work,....NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
by Unreal Spatula March 5, 2005
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