Very annoying screen that appears when something wrong happens to your Windows operating system. Appears a lot of times. Tells you about the "problem". Maybe Microsoft needs to put in more effort!
Damn, the blue screen appeared again and my program's screwed up!
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When your computer gets possessed by a demon eg. Bill Gates.
Somebody get a flamethrower! Bill gates has possessed my computer!!1
by 1337guy September 23, 2003
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What happens 50% of the time when you click the Author's name under an Urban Dictionary def.
Please fix the "blue screen" issue.
by Irate Worker again August 2, 2006
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v. Originally terming from the blue screen of death, blue screening refers to when you're on the verge of collapse, either from
1. Sleep deprivation or
2. Extreme exhaustion, usually post-coital.
1. "Okay, this LAN has gone on for days. I've gotta take a break and blue screen. Catch you in a few hours."

2. "Aww... it's so cute when I wear guys out enough that they blue screen right after sex!"
by Corvidae January 24, 2004
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Tony killed himself last night. I was there when it happened. He was just playing a game of Minesweeper when he got a blue screen. He later hung himself.
by Kappa99 September 16, 2006
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A screen designed to cut off the function of programs when your system sources are low. The screen tells you to either go back and wait for the program response, or to restart with Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
I exceeded my RAM limit, and the blue screen of death came up.
by Nolan February 7, 2003
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