A word typically used in the General area of Dublin (Ireland). Many use the sentence 'get up out of that!' In scenarios in which they do not believe. For example, 'Get up out of that!' Is used as slang in Dublin to replace 'you cant be serious?!' Or 'your joking, aren't you??'
Peter: 'Im talking to a girl , she has 100,000 followers on Instagram'
John: would you get up out of that Peter! Haha
by Basicallyyourmasyourda April 6, 2020
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(secret way of tellin friends you're baked without sayin the actual words and announcing to everyone around you that you're high)
Just a little thing that me and me friends say...
Friend: "Why you're eyes so red man, and why you laughing so damn much?"
Me: "I'm fresh up out the oven man, I jst polished off a fatty with homie over there.."
by Wa5t3dY0uth May 30, 2008
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Very similar to "Get up off my nuts", but it can be used by persons of both genders.

Rooting from "Cease and decist" it has been urban-ized and turned into a more popular version.

Exacting meaing is not known, but when it is said, it is advised that one moves up out the "grille" or personal space of the one who said it. Not doing so could lead to the "busting of a cap"
Herbert: "Hey Phillip, get up out my grille a afore I bust a cap in yo ass."

Phillip: I shall cease and decist.
by Craig January 17, 2005
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(1) to obtain clarity of thought or extemporaneous enlightenment, (2) to experience ease of difficulty, (3) to leave an arduous state of mind or being.
I had to crawl up out some cheese on this paper on Shakespeare and Chaucer.

My team crawled up out some cheese with a tie-breaking score.

I find myself crawling up out some cheese on Fridays and Sundays when I can relax.
by Aijalon January 12, 2013
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a ghetto way of saying bitch im leaving this gay ass place faggots
sup nigga im gunna giddy up out this mother fucker yo this is beat as hell douche bag
by hotwords12345 March 20, 2009
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