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(B)lue (S)creen (O)f (D)eath
Majroly happens on older versions of windows (even windows 1)
It happenes if you have like, 700 programs going at the same time.
Luckily, vista, windows 7, 8, and 10 (possibly xp?!) Has a safe mode so you can either go and repair/fix the file that got curropted Or you can just, not be an idiot and run over 9000 programs at once.
Friend: Blue Screen Of Death huh?
Me: The seventh time this week.
Friend: let me go over your house and see what is causing it.
(5 hours of repairing a file)
Me: Thanks dude!
Friend: NP. btw, have you concidered getting a MAC?
Me: Oh you mean the one that crashes 7 times each day?
Friend:.... shut up
by fire blades January 6, 2016
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Person 1: man that gods cool he’s taking down all of those thots
Person 2: you mean dawaan?
by fire blades October 7, 2019
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the imfamous words of how in sonic 06 whenever silver got you with his telekenisis attack he'd say ITS NO USE!
the reason this became popular over the years is because if you got in a certian position with silver, he'd keep spamming his telekenisis attack forever, and you'd keep on collecting 1 ring, forcing you to restart. or destroy the game and play sonic adventure 2.
Person 1: Is it any use playing sonic 06?
Person 2: ITS NO USE!
by fire blades September 26, 2017
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A popular rapper and actor who got wayyy too much hate here like god damn.

People are saying that he uses the same flow and that'd be true if you were a fucking dumbass. His feature songs like The Re-Up and Never Enough, have great verses by him and even on some of his own songs he does great (see Life's On The Line, Don't Push Me, GATman and Robbin and Psycho). From what I see here, people always judge him on songs like Candy Shop and songs like that, and to that I say... so? That's like judging, let's say Eminem only for his song My Name Is. That'd be stupid, right? I don't even care if they're from decades ago, actually listen to some of his albums and mixtapes, then come back and state your opinion/bullshit.
Dumbass: 50 Cent is the worst thing to happen to hip-hop
Me: Have you actually listened to some of his songs?
Dumbass: Nah, I just hate on him because it's cool to do
Me: Get your stupid ass outta here.
by fire blades August 29, 2021
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