1. AKA Microsloth Winblows
2. A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.
I use Microsloth Winblows...errr I mean Microsoft Windows
by Malice September 17, 2003
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"Microsoft Windows is complete garbage" said Mark as he booted up his Ubuntu PC.
by Melodi_Bug November 30, 2021
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A decent OS with the most versatility of all OSes. Seriously. This thing can run just about any program and/or application.

Let's go on to debunking common misconceptions about Windows...

1. "Windows crashes like every 5 seconds!!1!1OMG another blue screen!"

While Windows does crash, the amount of times it does and how often is usually dependent on many other factors, those factors involving how much people actually take care of their computers.

Since most people don't know how to simple things like defragment their hard drives every once in awhile, and not open every e-mail attachment they get, it's no wonder people have their computers crash all the time.

Out of the approximate 8 years that I've been using a computer running Windows, I have only gotten the BSoD twice. Twice. And they were both due to me running too many applications over night, anyway. Thank God it did too. I probably would've fried my HDD from the constant strain I was stupidly putting on the CPU.

Take care of your computer, and you don't get crashes. Simple as that.

2 "I'm always getting viruses!!11! Windows always gets viruses!11!! You need to have antivirus stuff!!!!1111!1one1"

Two things:

Common sense (don't download and open every .exe application you see, you dolt. One of the many things people do.)

Windows has a majority of the market share, making it a prime target for malware writers.


3. "Windows security is a joke! So it's so easy to hack!!11!"

Only here will I give you compensation. Yes, Windows security is pretty bad.

But guess what? An IT tech friend of mine said that a Macintosh would take about a few minutes to hack into, and Linux would take about the same amount of time.

I bet no one ever considered the security of alternate operating systems besides Windows, because they're all pretty bad by themselves.

He even showed me how. And this friend is certified in computer security, so he would know. Stop listening to all that propaganda, people.
I'd love to do more, but I'd spend hours trying to pin point everything.

Microsoft Windows: use it right, and it won't fail you. I'm perfectly fine with the XP OS I've been running for quite some time. It has slowed down a bit from age, but I have never even defragged the hard drive due to memory constraints.
by Mr. Sacman August 15, 2009
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3.) terrible operating system commonly associated with crashes, freezes, & viruses.

4.) cheap crap that never works.

5.) term used to describe worthless trash.
guy_1; "this computer keeps crashing!"
guy_2; "did you buy anit-virus software?"
guy_1; "yah! i installed it yesterday!"
guy_2; "oh, well there's your problem.."
guy_1; "what?"
guy_2; "it's running Microsoft Windows, so it's cheap junk that always get viruses & causes headaches."
guy_1; "dammit! i knew i should have bought a Mac or installed Linux!"
by Yooski February 28, 2010
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A decent OS that runs on over half the world's computers that Macintosh and Linux users who think they're redpilled/different from society always circlejerk each other about how "bad" it is.

Instead of fighting about literal fucking computer software, how about you go outside and touch some grass for once, maybe smell the fresh air?
Person 1: "er mah gerd *snort* microsoft windows is so trash and bad errhuh"
Person 2: "Kindly get a life, please."
by Daniel Apaché March 30, 2021
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Complete and utter crap.
The biggest piece of shit technology ever invented. Easy to get viruses, breaks down every other second; just absolute shit.
I hate my school for not havin' taught us how to use apple Macintosh instead of piece of shit Microsoft Windows!
by fuckitall June 8, 2006
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despite what you hear, a pretty decent operating system (although its probably not worth 200 dollars...). It works fine, its very n00b friendly, and all it takes to install a program is a double click. yes, it crashes (of course windows me crashes a lot more...). so does linux, mac, freebsd, solaris... all operating systems crash. People who complain about it crashing are people who try to tinker with it. windows isnt made for tinkering, otherwise it would be open source. you wanna mess with stuff get gentoo freebsd. i've leave my windows machine on for months and it works just as fine as my notebook with linux on it. if windows were as bad as linux zealots said then it wouldnt be able to be sold for 200 bucks.
almost anything you do in any operating system an be done in any other operating system. just get the one you think has the prettiest gui.

example must include the term microsoft windows
by borstalbreakout September 22, 2006
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