Short for defragmentation. To understand what defragmentation means, you must first understand what fragmentation is. Fragmentation is when entire files are broken down into many pieces and spread across the hard drive. This can also happen regarding free space on the hard drive. Now, defragmentation is the action of collecting the various “fragments” of files and grouping them back together.
My PC was running slow, so I used Diskeeper defrag to speed it back up.
by AlecC September 25, 2006
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1. To rearrange data on a disk so that it is stored seqentially rather than randomly, thus decreasing total access times. Fairly useless on new, fast drives.

2. Antonym of frag. Ie, to bring someone back to life.
1. Dirko: My 486 is running like a bag of shit.
Atticus: Defrag the dunga!

2. Game consol: Dirko was fragged by Poonani
Dirko: Damn, I need to be defragged. This definition is so stupid.
by Grant Hayes September 14, 2005
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to settle, chill, simmer or sit back to gather ones thoughts.
1) "Take a step back my friend, defrag for a second, don't over-react"
2) "I'd rather stay in tonight, I need to relax and defrag."
by Joel F. September 7, 2005
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My laptop's been choking up pretty badly recently... speed-wise, that is. I'm going to see if I need a defrag or something.
by m January 17, 2005
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1. To half-smoke a weak 100mm cigarette, in order to let the other half relax and collect flavour. Stems from half-smoking a fag, expecting your hard-drive to defragment faster, then putting it out to smoke it the rest when you come back.

2. To relax, chill, mellow out.
1. I'm defragging that Du Maurier. Don't touch it.

2. Ah, sit down and defrag. You look awful.
by El Gordo December 8, 2004
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aka excuses

Defrag> WTF? shit my brother been using the pc, and moved my keyboard 1cm to the left, fuckin mousemat in a different place and now my aim is like (1)player
by homer April 7, 2003
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Defrag: To remove soiled clumps from a cat's litter. Coined in 1993 by two teenage boys reluctant to clean up after the newest family member.
Mom, I defragged the cat box, so can I go outside now?
by lechatblanc July 5, 2010
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