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Kind, attentive, real, understanding, hard working, tells you how it is, makes you smile, knows how you like it.
I sat down, had a chat, got a drink, put on a smile and felt right at home. Meeka was there, obviously.
by Machinations August 15, 2011
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The strong urge to not do whatever you had planned (or what had been planned for you) with or without valid reasoning. Often fails to prevent the occurrence of said plans.
Creep: "I has candy get in van."
Kid: "I'm reluctant, even though I have a tazer."

Wife: "Are you ready to go to a movie and lunch and my parent's house and the dog park and haircuts and ice cream and the musical theater and be too tired for sex?"
Toolbox: "I'm reluctant, as none of that was things I want to do, but you do have my scrote in a vise. Lets go."
by Machinations July 21, 2011
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1) A tried and true method for ensuring people need to buy new hardware after smashing their keyboard and/or mouse into their monitor. This never resolves the problem but is highly satisfying if you can afford it.

2) Mandatory, unexpected, frequent and infuriating intermission for Windows users.

3) Herpes for your PC, flare ups are painful and hard-booting may temporarily relieve symptoms. Frequent system maintenance can help if you don't flare up during, which gets exponentially harder to do. No cure, working as intended.
1) I have lots of extra money so I bought a Windows PC. Now i can place a recurring order for keyboards! Yay, Blue Screen Of Death!

2) I almost won that game but WINtermission snuck up on me. I'm gonna go step into heavy traffic to calm down.

3) Dude, I'm havin all kinda Blue Screen flare ups. I need to defrag, scandisk and pop some antibiotics.
by Machinations July 22, 2011
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