A program that triggers when you are doing something important. It was implemented back in windows 1.0. It is the annoyance of many but no one can do anything.
(On a video chat) I love yo-AHHH A BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH :(
by Aora_Studios May 7, 2020
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Also named as BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).
This thing appears in Windows because of a fatal of bigger error. You'll probaly know this shit well if you're one of the poor ones who have Windows ME.

Bill Gates made this to upgrade Windows 98.Let´s face it, Windows 98 it's a lot more stable then Windows ME. Each 30 minutes Windows ME shows the BSoF what the fuck...
If you want something better try Linux or MAC, if you still beg for Windows, try Windows XP.

"Shit, not the Blue Screen of Death again. I'll upgrade to Windows XP"
by not7yearoldn00b April 11, 2009
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