Hey Bob thanks for giving me Money

Bob: Np bro
by Heheheeheheheehhe May 9, 2016
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NP is a popular abriviation for the phrase, No Problem. Usually, it is used as a substitute for the phrase Your Welcome.
"Hey!!! Thanks for the Tampon!! I've had a heavy flow today!!"
"NP!!!! And, TMI!!!!"
by AnonymousUnipickle March 13, 2017
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Nipple Protrusion; when you can see an individual's erect nipples through their clothing, intentional or unintentional. Can be a result of sexual excitement/arousal or (un) favorable temperature.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that gal just walk by with all that NP?
Person 2: Yeah man, she needs to get a thicker bra or something!
by hot noodles May 31, 2013
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Nigga Please also for white people negro please. Used to express disbelief in a stament or action from someone or something. Mental rejection of something as untrue.
My friend text me last nite, talkin' bout he pulled two bitches in the club. I texted him back "NP"
by Daleskid April 28, 2013
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An exclusive group also know as the non-posers. Members are usually super fun and awesome, and they love to dance and party. To become a member a crazy task must be completed usually involving alchohol. The NPs are a fun but tight knit group that watches out for eachother.
Ah I wish I was a NP they have such a great time!
by NP!!!!!!! November 28, 2010
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Excellent slaying of the goblin horde with only a level 2 dagger, Chester. +10 NP
by NeptuneLord May 11, 2020
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