The sexual act in where a man deprives himself of any sort of sexual activity for 3 months for the sole purpose of saving up sperm, then, with he's with his main biddie, he busts it all off on her face like a hydro pump!
"Yo that bitch Susmita? Yeah I gave her a fucking Blastoise, blat blat blat!"
by Bloood October 29, 2010
Blastoise, a pre- evolution of the pokemon Wartortle. This pokemon looks super badass and cool and its Hydro Pump will knock your fucking teeth out.
Blastoise just learned Hydro Pump!

Gamer : Everyone back the fuck up our I will Hydro Pump the shit out of your pokemon!
by Legs You Legend October 29, 2009
when a female is gettin hydro pumped in the vagina by a males cock, the female orgasms and a huge blast of clear liquid is shot out of her moist opening at a high pressure.
Adam-"hey bro, get lucky the other night?"
Tom-"yeah man, pumped her so hard, she squirted soooo hard like a blastoise using its hydro pump!!!
A personality of someone during the act of sexual intercorse that likes to ejaculate all over the place during sex. A blastoise is also a water pokemon so water and semen are closley related. Therefore when Blastoise uses water cannon, the males dick uses semen cannon.
Me- Are you a blastoise Johnny?
Johnny- No i don't even have a dick you cunt.
Cortney- I am.
by obama's dick hole black & tiny November 30, 2010
(Binomial nomenclature: Blastiosus-poopus)When a person has an urgent need to excrete fecies causing the anus to expand 10 folds in a force greater than the heat of the sun...(most cases its fatal--mad blood loss)
Mary took a blastoise last night at 10 and at 2 the coroner proclaimed her dead by largus-anustus.

Jimmy , running in great panic as he held his posterior screaming BLASTOISE!!!!
by Merch-the-miggity August 3, 2006
When you jack off two guys over your shoulder, aiming their jizz at your partner. Yelling "You do not have enough badges to train me!"
The party was lame until they guys started blastoising.
by PokeRage September 14, 2013
to consume alcohol to the point where all motor functions have atrophied, to the point where you're completely blacked out, to the point where you're shooting hydro pump... out of your mouth.
man, did you see that kid frat hopping last night? he must have been absolutely blastoised by the time he hit his 8th frat house.
by jamesthebig wang October 17, 2006