Someone who investigates dead bodies that were probably murdered. they investigate dead bodies that look like they didnt die a "natural" death.
Notorious B.I.G. says "call the coroner!" in his song "Warning" because he's talking about how he's gonna kill some fools coming after him for his money.
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A forensics wroker who removes the bodies from the scene of the murder, and who also determines the cause of death and time of death by examining the outer and inner sections of the coprse. most of the time the coroner will expirence massive amounts of blood and gore, so the weak of stomach need not apply.
Man, csi last night was vicious but it was so grusom when that coroner slit that dead guys ribs with a bone saw.
by SamanthaLauren February 19, 2009
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1;someone that fancies stale rump masculine love from a non-resistant cadaver,
2; a place to send someone when they have been a bada bada boyo
3; a person working i the medical field with dead patients becuase there is a less chance of being sued by a patient that is dead
tippy toeing into a room smelling of embalming fluid and growing the largest erection you can (2 1/2 cm) and then ramming it into the first specimens rear end that has a target painted on it
by abused by rump riders! January 7, 2005
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Coroned (pronounced: "ker-row-nid") is an UK urban slang word of expressing someone who has been infected with the CoronaVirus.

By adding the suffixes; "ed" at the end of the word "corona", (without the letter "a" too) the word becomes a past tense verb.
Example 1:

Ty: "she looks sick"

Reece: "she's coroned ta f#£k pal"

Example 2:

Chap: "don't go to Rotherham dude, it has been coroned"
by One Large February 29, 2020
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Coronize: (verb) /ˈkɒrənʌɪz/

An infected individual with COVID 19 who willingly and intentionally spreads the virus to the community by contaminating public facilities such as, shopping carts, elevators, ATMs, door handles and etc.
Dude, Look at that man! He's probably trying to coronize that shopping cart!
by A.M.M.S March 23, 2020
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Giving a 6 pack of Corona's as a condolence gesture, then playing the "Pitbull - Fireball" song right after.
"I'm sorry you lost your job dude, my Coronances" While you hand them a 6 pack of Corona's and play the "Pitbull - Fireball" song.
by Coronances October 19, 2015
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Is Karen coming in today? Unfortunately not - she's coronic, I think she got coroned last week on the way to work.
by BrainDamageLDN March 11, 2020
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