a hostile directive to retreat; usually to feign an attempt to prevent an altercation.
Nigga, You had best to back the fuck up offa me fo I beat yo bitch-ass!
by spence-doggy-ddog February 1, 2006
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Threat suggesting that the enemy should leave or be quite. The enemy may take the advice (see punked) or disregard the advice (see toe to toe or fight).
"I've got a bat with your name on it. Best for you to back the fuck up."
by Beedub January 31, 2004
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What we told Japan to do but they refused so we nuked the shit out of them
President Truman: Japan better back the fuck up
Japan leader: fuck no
President Truman: ok then, boys prepare the atomic bomb
by applealex December 2, 2009
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What you immediately do without thinking when you accidentally click on an ad.
Impatient Bob: I hate when I accidentally click on an ad and it takes me to the app store.

Unhappy Mickey: Me too, I back the fuck up.
by Smexy Horse February 28, 2016
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Said to someone that is to close to you and you want them to move back.
Hey Back-Tha-Fuck-Up Man you too close.
by Tonky August 19, 2005
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Back da fuck up nigga. If someone tells you to back da fuck up nigga, you better do as he says....
or you'll get smacked the fuck up.
Some youtube prankster came up to me asking if I wanted to kiss his ass. I said 'back da fuck up nigga.'
He wouldn't so I gave him a solid right hook and broke his jaw.
by kam75xx July 12, 2019
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Back the Fuck Up Before You Get Smacked the Fuck Up - A Term Or Sentence used when someone has done something wrong or has fucked up. Or when they are obnoxious.

1. When You talk to much
2.When you forget to pay a pimp
3.Fucking with people.
4.What the hell is wrong with you?
Bob: Hey yo ted wheres my money Nigga?
Steve: You Better back the Fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up bob
by Tech581 September 23, 2009
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