Hydroponically grown marijuana
Yo let's go blaze some hydro.
by Weedman January 12, 2003
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Marijuana grown indoors using a hydroponics system (tubes and filters with water and fertilizers). To correct the first definition, NO marijuana causes mental problems - but it does get you really high.
I couldn't find any hydro for the weekend, so I had to settle for some reg.
by Johnnybong May 19, 2005
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Hydroponically grown marijuana of good quality. Often called "hyge" for short.
Also used to describe the hydroponic setup used to grow the weed.
"I had a few cones of hydro after smoking bush for a week, it put me on my ass!"
"I'm going to get a new hydro setup tommorow."
by Diego July 8, 2003
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Hydro is a better type of marijuana because you will get a more enjoyable high when smoking it. For example smoking regular weed will make you tired.
You will know that you are smoking real hydro because the ash will be pure white, not grey like shitty weed.
by b rolls June 28, 2005
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Canadian slang for electricity, due to the high usage of hydroelectric power and the fact that most of the electric companies have "hydro" in their names.
I had to pay the hydro bill.

Hydro Quebec, Manitoba Hydro
by cjohnson October 30, 2007
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short for hydrocodones, or Loritabs. some people pop them, some break up and snort. stimulates the opate receptors of the mind. fairly easy to get. codine is also found in some types of perscription syrups.
Thanks for the hydros, my night at work will be much better now!
by that white kid... March 10, 2006
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