When you jack off two guys over your shoulder, aiming their jizz at your partner. Yelling "You do not have enough badges to train me!"
The party was lame until they guys started blastoising.
by PokeRage September 14, 2013
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When you piss in her eye while screaming "BLASTOISE USE WATER GUN"
"yo what you want to do tonight?"
"I kinda want to do a BLASTOISE"
"Oh so you wanna get that slippery, say no more"
by Stanky the Herbivore YT September 5, 2016
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to consume alcohol to the point where all motor functions have atrophied, to the point where you're completely blacked out, to the point where you're shooting hydro pump... out of your mouth.
man, did you see that kid frat hopping last night? he must have been absolutely blastoised by the time he hit his 8th frat house.
by jamesthebig wang October 17, 2006
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An awesome Water type pokemon quipped with dual pumps. Its hydrop pump is capable of piercing steel. Also has a hard shell.
That blastoise used hydro pump to get in the bank and steal the money.
by I_Destroy_all September 6, 2010
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One of the great water pokémon, fully equipted with a duel hydro pump. He must have a HUUUGE BLUE COCK!
mmmmMmmmmmmmMmmmmmm! wet cock...
by longis. November 30, 2004
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A form of sexual intercourse, when you put two water gun into a woman's vagina and anus and blasting her.

Note: water guns can be replaced with male penis's
by berry-chaan September 9, 2010
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A sex move in which you jizz on a girl's face, then when she's about to go wash it off, you whip out your bitchin' twin supersoakers and blast it off her face with twin streams of superpowered water.
Boy: Hey whats your favorite pokemon?
Man: I don't play pokemon.
Boy: Oh. Mine's the Blastoise.
Man: Go to your room.
by BTLighting February 2, 2011
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