A term used to refer to a specific word that starts with “b” then “i” then “t” then “c” and lastly “h”.
by Tway Tway March 25, 2019
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Is only a piece of defining some little stuff like: A little bit of coin. Usually bit of a coin.
Hey do you have a bit of a coin?
Or do you use bitcoin?
by DRAKETION April 23, 2018
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The first widely used digital currency that Owen Benjamin will not touch with a 5 foot 1 toe.
Bitcoin is not real.
Bitcoin is a scam.
I invested all of my money in bitcoin and the price dropped to the floor. Now, I’m fucked.
Paypal me some bitcoin.
by Crypto Keeper June 07, 2019
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Imaginary and non-existent pseudo-currency that is worthless on its own until you can convince some douche bag to buy it from you and trade it for actual currency or goods. Can be defeated by an electrical outage, hard drive failure, or just a low volume of other people trading their Bitcoins at the same time.
Randy said, "I went to buy coffee with my Bitcoins the other day and it took three hours for the transaction to be approved. I was late for work because of that and the coffee was fucking cold."
Adam replied, "I kept my Bitcoins on my phone. I bought them at $18,000 a piece thinking I could make real money with it but the price keeps tanking and going all over the place.... then someone stole my fucking phone."
Jake laughed, "hahaha, can I loan you a few dollars?"
by Nutzen YerMouf March 07, 2018
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Illegitimate duplicate of the original Bitcoin. The equivalent scenario in the fiat world, would be a minority of people working inside the Federal Reserve suddenly defected and start printing USD on their own, albeit using A4 size papers for their fake money notes.

Blocksize increase alone will not be sufficient, larger block size also means more centralisation. The real upgrade is to move some of the load offchain called Segwit, which is also a prerequisite to lightning network.

Thirdly, if you compare their trends with hundreds of other altcoins, you would then realise the whole project is just another pump and dump scam.
A: Should I buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash?

B: Even dogecoin is more legit than bcash. Just buy and hold Bitcoin proper dude.
by Henry law August 21, 2017
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