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When you meditate on the number π through all five senses, by disconnecting from the use of all technology with screens—only a pen and paper allowed, if need be—in the hope of experiencing an aha!
Going barefoot, being naked or/and blindfolded, and wearing a mask are some recommended frames of mind for those who are serious enough to put themselves in a pi posture.
by Fasters January 30, 2022
When geeky feminists who endorse the idea that Pi is a female figure argue that the beloved constant π has been taken hostage by chauvinistic male mathematicians and math educators, who are only attracted by her sexy numerical and geometrical properties, while treating other mathematical constants worthy of consideration as second-class citizens.
Feminist pi believers have been waging a theomatical war with literalist evangelicals (who view God as male and insist that the true value of π is the biblical value of 3).
by Fasters November 21, 2022
When foreign countries discreetly incorporate the best of the Singapore math curriculum, such as the bar or stack model method, learning experiences, and big ideas, into their own local curriculum, by adopting it as their stepchild, where cross-fertilization of local and foreign ideas occasionally results in an aha! by-product.
Thanks to the bastardization of Singapore math, the US Common Core Math had given birth to a few beautiful methodological and pedagogical offsprings in math education, much to the delight of local math educators who follow closely how their foreign counterparts are creatively adopting some of the problem-solving visualization strategies.
by Fasters July 19, 2022
A punctuation mark known as period (in the U.S.) or full stop (in the U.K.). A tiny dot that has traditionally been used to end sentences and for abbreviations (such as B.C., A.D., and etc.), but has since evolved to rule the digital dot-com universe (via domain names), to write decimals, and (in Europe) to separate numbers in thousands (€ 7.000.000).
How many uses of “.” in mathematics and science can you name?
by Fasters May 26, 2022
A more fitting shortcut for Christmas, where the symbol ‘+’ reminds us of the birth of Christ, whose death on the cross paid the penalty for our sins so that we could have eternal life, rather than the abbreviated Xmas, where ‘X’ is often an unknown for nonbelievers, which could stand for a gift exchange, year-end party, roasted turkey, and the like.
Unlike Xmas that usually involves some fun or joyful activity or event for non-Christians, +mas annually reminds believers of Jesus—who came from heaven to earth as a baby, who was conceived from a virgin birth by the Holy Spirit—who has the power to forgive their sins and to offer them eternal life as they acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior.
by Fasters December 24, 2021
When an oft-semi-innumerate lay public realize that the number π has so much more to offer in terms of mathematical beauty or metamathematics (or mathematical philosophy), which allows them to experience sporadic aha moments, other than what they had boringly learned about the constant in school.
Going by the increasing number of pop math titles on pi published by math educators of different nationalities in different places, it can be arguably posited that there is presently a post-pandemic pi awakening sweeping the planet, much to the delight of both recreational and amateur mathematicians.
by Fasters December 14, 2022
A Twitter hashtag that mathematically pokes fun at the twice-impeached, thrice-married Donald J. Trump, by divining or predicting what he would do based on his idiocies and idiosyncrasies, which have kept thousands of reporters, writers, and comedians worldwide happy (and also lazy)—they were blessed with daily free juicy materials from the Pinocchio-in-Chief turned Pharisee-in-Chief to write about.
#TrumpMath parodies Trump’s fake news, which revolves around dishonesty, hypocrisy, racism, supremacism, vanity, and xenophobia, among other things.
by Fasters February 1, 2023