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When the irrational number π is paranoid or petrified that some radical elements of the mathematical brethren might conspire together to promote other mathematical constants like e and 𝛷 in gracing the pages of reputable math journals on a regular basis.
A few notable constants have discreetly approached some Fields medalists (the equivalent of Nobel Prize winners in mathematics) in their dreams by revealing to them some of their sexy numerical and geometric secrets after hearing leaked news of “what’s pi thinking?”
by Fasters August 13, 2022
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The aftermath the overwhelming demand for Taylor Swift’s limited supply of wallet-unfriendly concert tickets has on math or math education among teenagers and young adults in some high-GDP nations and emerging economies in Asia—when there seems to be an inexplicably positive correlation between idol worship and a rise in the quantitative literacy among the Swifties.
Two Swiftematics quickies tailor-made for middle- and high-school Swifties are:

1. Guesstimate how much tourism revenue Taylor Swift’s six concerts would generate when she toured the “fine” city of Singapore in March 2024.

2. What are the chances that a Singaporean Swiftie would get to watch their American idol live when she performed in “Disneyland with the death penalty” next year?
by Fasters July 10, 2023
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When ultra-MAGA Trumpublicans or white Christian nationalists are hell-bent to censor any math educator or publisher who dares to expose the whitewashing of math or math education throughout history, because allowing them to right any past mathematical wrongs or injustices committed by colonialists or imperialists would lay bare their selfish attempts to brainwash millions of children that the evolution of mathematical ideas is a white people’s contribution.
White supremacist or extremist math educators label mathematicians and math educators, who question the distorted or fake view of the history of mathematics, or who lecture about mathematical wokeism, as “mathematically toxic”—they’d be deprived of education funding for discussing that math is racist, or for condemning centuries-long white male privilege in academia.
by Fasters May 26, 2023
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Elevating the constant π to a transcendental level of mathematical or metamathematical (or philosophical) appreciation, with no regard to practical applications—savoring the Platonic ideal of pi that transcends the five senses.
A number of mathematical purists (or spiritually inclined number theorists) secretly love to exoticizing pi when they let loose of their personal or societal inhibitions—when they desire to be in that so-called state of “pi nirvana.”
by Fasters December 26, 2022
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A T-shirt with a hole that resembles the shape of the number π—one that is debatably unsuitable to be worn by young girls and women unless they are wearing it over an unholey garment.
Some math geeks plan to wear a π-shirt on Pi Day to make a fashion statement before their peers and teachers.
by Fasters January 20, 2022
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When someone kills or poisons their parent or grandparent or sibling who owns a collection of coveted or dear Non-Fungible Tokens in the hope of acquiring it.
The judge needed more time to sentence the criminal, because the murder by NFTs case was a first of its kind among a number of trials involving cryptocurrencies.
by Fasters February 19, 2022
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When believers subscribe to the uncompromising view that any numbers or fractions mentioned in, or mathematical constants derived from, the Bible must be taken literally with zero room for approximation, adulteration, or subtraction.
Founded by a group of Bible literalists-turned-theomaticians, the π = 3 Church has so far failed to appeal to pre-believers and the converted, especially those who’re allergic to school or college math, despite regularly distributing free pies and pizzas to the poor in the community.
by Fasters February 12, 2023
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