a type of person that knows its capabilities as a person and as a member of the community. a good example to the younger generations, energetic, friendly, and a leader.

never fall back at a fight, independent and strong.

a little insensitive and prideful but joyful and fun.
a sneaky little bitch and a dash of whoreness but sincere, prim and proper
you definitely want to be like a Yuan.
When I grew up, I wanna be a Yuan.
by Chris_hey January 31, 2020
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A super-Asian that knows fifteen different languages and regularly downloads new mathematical concepts and science updates from a mothership that serves as a base for the information acquired. Other behaviour may include a triple black belt in martial arts, expert piano skills, and refined tea tasting
person a: I saw the weirdest shit man, some guy beat up these two thugs with a piano!

Person B:Oh yeah, must be a yuan.
by gimmiecandle May 2, 2014
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Yuan is someone who lacks self-care but is actually a really handsome man, he has a really good aim on shooting games and he curse a lot but when you get to know him he's not really what he shows to people, he is a sweet loving man and is very mature, he knows how to love a girl, he understands and make people feel really comfortable, he is infact a safe place for people. Yuan is smart
I love you yuan
Yuan, drink enough water
by Khayekhaye March 2, 2022
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He is a leader and role model for a lot of people. He is well rounded
Yuan is cool
by Madapakyoubitz November 29, 2019
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Has a youtube account named Dream Blowed. Must be searched in youtube. DIslike all vids and unsubscribe.
Has bad content and plays gay games.
Yuan is a shortened word for "you wanna?"
"Yuan" go to the strip club?
"Yuan" play Roblox or Fortnite?
by Ur Mom Is Triple Gey November 26, 2018
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He is a perfect in every way shape and form besides the gaseous particles he emits which might be unpleasant to a homo sapiens sapien sapien olfactory glands
Have you tried the new fragrance “Yuan an?”
by The22nddude June 11, 2020
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The currency in China.
That object costs 600 yuan.
by TMC™ October 17, 2017
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