Worst MMO ever.So, starting from the beginning.You cannot customize your character at the start of the game ,it gets auto generated for you. Everyone by default starts as a warrior class , and you're not able to change it until you've played the game long enough.The tutorial last 18 years or longer, and you can't skip it.After the tutorial is over you have to select a profession. You'll get a limited amount of choices ,depending on how well you did in the tutorial.The most overpowered class is Politician.They have these god damn crowd control abilities which can affect thousand of players at once.Most of the trolls in the game go for this profession.After you've chosen the profession ,it's all grinding until the end of the game.This game IS NOT FREE ,do not believe the false advertisements!There are hidden fees ,called taxes which you have to pay. If you don't pay this fee ,your characters armor automatically becomes Dirty rags Of the hobo ,your house turns into Flimsy cardboard box and your mount becomes Rusty shopping cart.The PVP sucks ass. Most of the time a single hit is enough to kill someone. All the weapons are overpowered, there are even weapons which can wipe out entire cities. Oh and if you insist on doing pvp ,you can't do it anywhere. Doing pvp in the wron zone will aggro The Police.If you ignore them or use you weapon , you will most likely aggro even more of them ,or even have elites like "SWAT" or "FBI" attack you.
Oh and the worst part about the pvp in this game is that YOU CAN'T RESPAWN once you die.Well , actually there was this one guy who respawned , but he had one of the game developers help him. And even then it took a couple of days for the guy to respawn... As an aftermath , a bunch of people created one of the many factions called "Christians" . Now the factions are arguing among each other which game developer is cooler.

Man , I can't wait for a patch for Real life. The current version sucks.... well it is better than patch "World war v2" but it still blows
by K4ik August 19, 2010
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The shittiest dream you'll ever have.
*Me asleep dreaming away from real life*
Me: "I just had the worst nightmare where I was dealing with depression and everyone around me would just kill each other."
Person: "Damn, that sounds awful."
by Dubiks August 31, 2018
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The period in between lag spikes on Ragnarok Online.
1) "The server's lagging again! Time for real life."
by Trihan April 28, 2004
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Life outside of a contrived or fantastical environment.

Real life is sometimes considered mundane and rough.
Yes real life is very boring sometimes!
by Word Madman March 24, 2019
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When you hear these words on the radio, you better shut up and listen. Queen is about to blow you away.
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.
by DaveyMaBobber October 26, 2007
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