Science at its worst. Destroys any sense of confidence one had previous to taking the course. Also see rapist.
Adam was raped by his thermodynamics exam.
by dforizzleee November 30, 2007
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A confusing class taught by a strange little man with weird hair and bad fashion sense
After getting 30% on his thermodynamics test, Andrew changed his major to international business.
by Andrew May 13, 2003
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Thermodynamics is a science taught to engineers in order to remove any last traces of sanity before they enter the professional world. Totally indecipherable to those not in the engineering field.
-Before I took Thermodynamics, I valued other people's contributions. But now I know that non-engineers are a waste of valuable oxygen.
by November 29, 2005
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Idk. Fire or something. Btw, it's pretty much the worst science gets so BEWARE!
"God, idk what Thermodynamics is, but I hate it soooooo much!"
by SocietySucksAss March 31, 2021
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An event so unlikely, it's effectively impossible, such as oxygen spontaneously becoming gold.
The fact that our parents met to conceive us, and that their parents met to concieve them, etc. to create us as an entirely unique individual is, ironically, almost impossibly miraculous and therefore each individually a thermodynamic miracle.
by C0RE from UD Chat December 6, 2008
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Farts are composed of hot gases, and therefore rise.
When the bean bombs explode, obey the laws of thermodynamics, and hit the dirt to avoid poisoning.
by Jeff Bombson November 26, 2006
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0. When both of two systems are in equilibrium with a third, the first two systems are in equilibrium with each other
1. Conservation of Energy - Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
2. Entropy continuously increases.
3. Absolute zero cannot be reached.
Isn't it cool how all this corresponds to math and stuff?
by 2004 March 26, 2004
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