Bitcoin is a virtual foreign money which operates freed from any vital manipulate or the oversight of banks or governments.
This is the last ledger of Bitcoin.
by Online Crypto Methods January 16, 2022
A waste of money so you can go broke or you can get millions of dollars and retire
hey rob is that bitcoin Rob: ye
by iamcurrentboii December 15, 2021
A term used to refer to a specific word that starts with “b” then “i” then “t” then “c” and lastly “h”.
by Tway Tway March 26, 2019
The Metrics system of money. Great idea, but will never be adopted until all the countries come together as a new means of money. Instead, you just learn it in school and forgot that it ever existed and continue with your life.
Incel Tim: Hey some kid on youtube invested his Bar Mitzvah money into Bitcoin and made millions.
Chad: Yeah he made millions off of a get rich quick scheme that caused millions of hard workers to loose their life savings.
by Satoshi Nagasaki February 10, 2019
Something that I really don't understand.
by What The Pop January 12, 2018
The cryptocurrency of choice among criminals, extortionists, fraudsters, hackers, kidnappers, terrorists, and Ponzi schemers, who have 100% faith in the blockchain technology to avoid getting caught for their crimes.
Guesstimate what percentage of rogue political leaders’, corrupt businesspersons’, and Russian oligarchs’ stolen billions or trillions have been converted into bitcoins to cover up their obscene wealth.
by Fasters April 2, 2022
A currency, typically used among the Gods, used not to pay for anything, but to flaunt your wealthful status.
Hey, by the way did I mention that I have BITCOIN!?!?!?!?
by Cryptolad February 15, 2018