Nickname given to the U.S.Bankcorp building in Portland, Oregon. It is the tallest building in Portland and is covered in mirrored pink windows, hence easily lending itself to namecalling with phallic overtones.
The sunset cast a glorious halo around Big Pink.
by miss shmoopalicious July 22, 2006
Penis, especially pertaining to dogs, pink in color. Defined by J-Rod.
Bend over, Red Rover, and I'll stick you with my Big pink tippy.
by Mad Myk October 11, 2009
A woman that has, through childbirth, or other extreme streching of vaginal muscles, widened her passage to the point that an ordinary, properly inserted tampon will not stay in place.
"After the baby was born, I coudn't even keep a tampon in my Big Pink Bucket Puss! My husband said that making love to me was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!"
by Praxis January 25, 2007
usually frequents the local Montgomery Ward in search of elastic wasted pants. she could very well be your arrogant, obese mother in florida who has only 3 months to live until her heart, and her ankles give out completely.
i'm scared of big fat pink ladies.

that big fat pink lady just reads schmaltzy books geared for Chicken Soup for the Big Fat Pink Lady Soul.
by beer schooled July 30, 2004
Akin to Bubblegum Pink, but when she’s been railed so hard it looks like a wad of pink big leave chew.
My foot fan asked me if it was bubblegum pink. I said not since I got railed by my landlord last night. After paying for my rent, he left me Big League Chew Pink.
by Dick Onchin January 26, 2023