The discrimination of African Americans by Skin tone in their own community, usually subconsciously done, as most Blacks dont realize they're doing it until some dumb rapper or famous person makes a stupid untrue statement about darker toned women.

Perpetuated during slavery and by the media which seems to suggest lighter skin females to be of a higher stance than darker ones.

Perpetuated by rappers who often show more lighter skinned women in videos and hardly any darker ones.

Perpetuated by some Black men who treat lighter skinned females in a higher regard than darker toned ones.

An untrue Inplication that darker skin girls cannot be as fine as lighter ones. Bullshit.
Example of statements made for colorism

1.(rapper) "She gotta be a thick lightskinned redbone...long hair..."

2. "Dang you cute... for a dark skinned girl."

3. "Lightskinned girls just way finer! I dont want no dark girl!"
by loblg88 January 17, 2010
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Interesting or diverse. Not drab or boring.
I've added a lot of colorful words to my vocabulary by using urban dictionary.
by Michelle0000 April 11, 2007
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Racism within members of the same race. For instance, light-skinned African Americans looking down on and discriminating against darker-skinned African Americans.
Colorism is just as harmful as racism perpetrated by whites on blacks.
by anne white December 12, 2008
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1. The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.

2. One of the words that's most popularly debated about the correct spelling of. Color vs Colour.

In the USA the spelling of the word is 'color'. Many "Yankophiles" (people that live outside of the USA, but admire the USA) also spell it this way.

In the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. the correct spelling of the word is 'colour'.
Anglophiles in the USA (Americans that admire England) also spell the word 'colour'.

Simple as.
There's no real correct way to spell the word, if it's officially adopted as the correct spelling there. That's why in the US, they speak American-English, not exactly English per se.

Chatroom Session:

British person: So yh, mate. The colour of my car is red.

American person: wtf. u spelled color wrong.

British person: no, u did. the english language originated here. so colour is correct.

Open minded person: Shut up both of you. Both 'colour' and 'color' are both correct. You're on the internet speaking internationally, so technically they're both right.

British and American people: .....
by PERSANNNNNNA February 17, 2009
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The disproportionate and unfair treatment of an individual because of the lightness or darkness of their skin.

Colorism can affect any race, as it is racist in origin.

Colorism is often thought to negatively affect dark skinned individuals and only positivly affect light skinned individuals, however, both sides take harm from it. All though lightskinned individuals get more hollywood shine, they are often treated as token blacks as well as not being seen as black enough within the black community. Being rejected by both sides actually, as not being black enough. Ex: when a movie is about black empowerment and and has an african american focus, or they want a strong black lead, they go for a darker skinned individual, as they are seen as "black enough" while someone of lighter skin is not. This by no means diminishes the serious issue of the fact that dark skinned individuals do not get treated as well as lightskinned individuals, not by a long shot. As darker skinned individuals get far less leading rolls, accolades, and leeway than lighter skinned individuals. With that said, saying only one side of the issue of colorism exists and dyning the other only perpetuates the cycle of Colorism; as no one should ever have to ask them self, "aren't I good enough?" or "aren't I black enough?"
"Colorism is a bitch cause no matter how light or dark you are, you are never good enough to somebody."
by Ardent.M October 09, 2019
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