Rain, hipsters, unchecked homeless drug addicts, entitled white people policing other entitled white people, bad attitudes resulting from personal choices, and the wonderful clout-driven pissing contest that is the local music scene.
I wasn't succeeding or feeling fulfilled in (actual city), so I moved to Portland in order to project the imaginary persona I see myself as to a bunch of other people who just moved here to do the exact same thing.
by Portlando Florida January 29, 2019
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A city full of rich hip kids heavy in the indie new age liberal hipster movement coming out of mom and dads basementand funded by their wallets. There is literally so much white guilt in this town you can spread it on a bagel like cream cheese. Also a great place to get some coffee, followed by finding a dead heroin addict in a starbucks bathroom. Portland also has one of the greatest collection of hobo communities. You can't walk through down town without giving out 5 dollars in change, 12 cigarettes and also recieve some new trash ip from one of the above mentioned hipsters. Also do not talk to anyone. They may get offended
God i hope god emperor Trump walls of Portland before mexico.

I went to Portland on holiday to smoke some weed and drink some coffee,and came back with a large dildo collection.
by White-danger July 16, 2017
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1. A city in the northern part of Oregon, One of the only cool places in Oregon (unless you love nature) and one of the few cool places in the Northwest. It's a small city that has a good atmosphere and nice people. It ain't no mother fucking New York City but it still rules.
2. Portland, Maine
1. The City of Roses, PDX, Bridgetown, USA
2. Not as good as Portland, Oregon.
by Peter G May 04, 2005
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The nicest city In the United States. Lots to do for active Liberal minded outdoor folk. Laid back atomosphere. Much better than Vancouver BC or Seattle. Those two cities are rude and filled with thugs and drugs and annoying folk. Especially Vancouver, My HOME. I would like to relocate in Portland some day in the future.
Go Blazers, and then to the book store. Portland in a nutshell. Beatifull women as well.
by Ryan Wood July 14, 2005
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A city full of bikes, books, bars, beers, boutiques, baristas, brunch and Bloody Mary's, as well as a million neighborhoods worth visiting for their bars, boutiques and brunch. Portlanders also love gelato, food carts, parks, facial hair, plaid flannel, vintage shops, colleges, public transportation, liberals, reusable grocery bags, vegans and vegetarians, tattoos and piercings, and dogs, and unlike residents of Seattle who claim to love the rain, Portlanders don't like it that much (but still refuse to use umbrellas). And it's true, all the hot girls do wear glasses. Also it's totally possible to bike from southeast to St. Johns in an hour because it's not a real big place.
Oh my god, you see those hipsters over there? They're sooo Portland.
by sleepy golden storm March 05, 2011
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