1. A derogatory term used for people of Japanese descent.

2. Slang for nipples.
1. "I jokingly called my friend Genji a nip."

2. "It's so cold here I'm freezing my nips off."
by I H8 NJ November 26, 2003
Little bottles of alcohol that contain exactly one shot.
Lets go get some nips of vodka so we can sneak them into the bar.
by mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo August 2, 2007
When your nipples become extremely hard.
My nips could cut glass!
by BigB91 January 16, 2008
Literally, "Nipponese" - offensive WWII-era term for Asian people, esp. Japanese
Tony said his dad claims to have killed a lot of Nips in the Pacific Islands during World War 2.
by manwithaharmonica June 17, 2003
when you can see a girls nipples through her shirt!!
hey look you can see her hard nips!!
the part on your boobie that gets hard when your chilly, horny, or kinky.
i got first dibs on your nips.
i have enormous pancake nips.
by sick britt July 11, 2008