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A girl who can either be your worst enemy, your greatest friend, or the best partner. She'll have bad times, and she may be insecure, but she has a strong wall built up for herself that just needs to be broken down before you can get to her soft and wonderful personality. More than likely extremely beautiful, and she's a little ice-cube. Her body is cold most of the time but it's a comforting chill, making them really great cuddlers. Definitely a keeper and worth chasing after.
Matt: I think I may love Katelynn.
Ben: Oh? Why's that?
Matt: She's got everything going on for her and even more. She just keeps my heart in a good place.
Ben: Sounds like she's a keeper man.
by MattyBoy April 02, 2013
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A person, who tends to get mad at times but will get over it quickly, they all ways have good advice to give out, there strong, athletic, and in general just a good person, allso you can trust them with anything
Katelynn is amazing
by Primcesstinytina January 27, 2018
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Most katelynns are funny smart bad and mean they are also caring people they are someone you could trust and they are freaky but u will never know unless you are they friends they are bossy normally katelynns are not skinny or fat they are thick and loyal u can trust them with any thing unless u turn your back on them they are usually cool with boys and don't act like freaks around them
by 2001 bby May 06, 2018
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Amazing woman who will win ur heart away in an instance. She loves to be with friends but also likes the be alone. Some one likes her a lot but she dosnt know!
See that girl Katelynn over there, she's hot
by Bigboi156 May 20, 2018
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A gorgeous loving girl she may be weird and quirky at times but if you ever find yourself in a relationship with her she is very caring and will risk a lot for you and you can’t make the mistake of losing her Katelynn is a positive girl and smiles and makes you happy even when she isn’t she is a great friend and you can always trust her she has the strength of a lion and won’t back down she may be nice and adorable but inside she will eat you up like a wolf and you can never under estimate a katelynn a girl like a katelynn is hard to find so be happy you have one
Dude she’s beautiful
“She’s most likely a katelynn
by Urban did king May 13, 2018
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Katelynn is a very strong, independent woman. She has great ambitions and values. She always puts her family and friends first. She is sweet and heartfelt when she is with the people she loves. She never lets what people say about her get to her because she believes they are lacking confidence, hence the reason they say things about her. When she tries to be mad, it never lasts and she ends up laughing harder than you would expect from her figure. She tries to be threatening, but ends up being super funny to watch try. She always strives to be the best she can, and even though she doesn’t care about what others think of her, she tries to be a great role model and best person she can. Hardships n bet break her and she is extremely stubborn. She is also very clumsy, but is very good at owning it. Katelynn loves to do staring contests, but her favorite game is truth or dare because she is an open book and loves to watch others secrets spill or watch them be obnoxious. She is entertaining and great to talk to, whether it is bad, good or just small talk. She is super quirky and knowledgeable, but doesn’t shove them down others throats. She is open to advice, even though she might not always listen to it. But most of all, Katelynn doesn’t give up!
Katelynn is a girl everyone wants to have, whether friend, family, or relationship wise.
by Smithy500awesome August 27, 2018
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Someone with the name of Katelynn, is usually a sweet caring person. Whose really great at alot of things, including sex. Usually very sexy, and yet bitchy at times.
When your names katelynn, your usually fine as hell, and know it.
by KillerxKatelynn February 28, 2008
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