The most painful thing you could ever expeirience. Most likely will involve lots of cursing, stupid doctors and make your insignifigant other feel extremly unloved.
Why the hell do people film childbirth? So they can remember the pain, yelling, pain and more pain?
by Liz July 30, 2004
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24 hours of pain, screaming and insulting your husband/fiance/boyfriend
Woman- Oh god here comes another one
Man-Breathe honey
Woman- Shut up..your not the one in pain
by Julie October 26, 2003
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frequent result of an inability to properly use birth control.
He didn't feel like wearing a condom back then so now she's suffering the pains of childbirth.
by Dean W. Austin September 12, 2003
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It'd be nice getting sex whenever you want like chicks can, but eventually you'd have to go through childbirth.
by Wouldn\'t you like to know September 11, 2003
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Process of giving birth to humans.

End product of sex.

Intense physical pain followed by warmth and love.

Used by artists as an example of the link between disgust, emotion and life.
Aww a baby, you forgot to wipe that placenta off.
by waffle September 7, 2003
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