Very strong MDMA content 120+mg, ecstasy pills. Domed shaped, pink with little dots, no score on them. effects almost like pure ecstasy!
G: i'm rollin' hard on a half bro.

H: what you got?

G: pink ladies

H: gimme some of that shit!
by Hblan* January 09, 2009
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A group of popular, pretty and close friends/mates. Get on with every one in the community around them. A nice version of the girlgang in the film meangirls! Look after each other and their boy mates!!!
by Torz October 12, 2006
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A type of apple. It is a combination of the classic green and red apple. It has a milder, sweeter, crisper flavor, and they tend to stay fresh longer.
Mmm, i love pink lady apples
by Xiophillio April 14, 2009
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pink lady is a delicious drink consumed during extended kayak trips. it makes you forget you're tired, hungry, and smelling funky.
The Pink Lady is a mix Red Hot Cinnamon Snapps and Goldschlager
by Kayak Bill August 24, 2008
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1. prostitute
2. girls who wear in sexy clothes
3. sexy girl
4. hallusinations (for example some dog who think that he see sexy girls when he is high)
5. chicken (girls who were in sexy clothes, who dokes, talking and laughing so loud)
I walk in the street. Suddenly I see some pinklady. She is my hallusination, thanks for drugs.
by Heikki December 16, 2005
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