The guy that you don't want to be your prison cell mate.
Guy 1:"So you're going to jail?"
Guy 2:"Yup."
Guy 1:"Who's your cellmate?"
Guy 2:"Some guy called Big Bubba."
Guy 1:"You'd better pray for the death sentence."
by QCumBear June 26, 2015
Ambassador of prison, job of welcoming newcomers.
"Hi im new here, what's your name?"
"Ben Dover"
by WAPRICK April 9, 2005
A computer notebook (laptop) of at least 17 inch screen and over 7 pounds. Usually accompanied by a case ( bag, notebook carrier) that also weighs about 1 to 2 pounds.

Big Bubba, is a common name among instructional designers, technical persons, IT professionals, and other professionals especially in the Midwestern states that carry these laptops around for work purposes.
Suzie needed to decide whether to bring big bubba to the meeting or just use a paper and pencil.

Big Bubba needs a restart, he has been very slow these days.
by bigbubba fanatic July 19, 2011
A dude you wanna make friends with, so he doesnt fuck you in the ass
Hey bubba, Ill give you a carton of cigs if you stick to the 49s and leave me alone
by ..... January 18, 2004
A friendly male in prison, almost always acting as muscle for someone smarter than him. His caucasian couner-part is tiny. Big bubba is often shorter, but broader than tiny. Bubba likes comedians, and will luagh his 350lb ass off when you insult him. He is almost always over 6'5", and very heavy. Not the sharpest tool in the box, what bubba loses in intelligence, he makes up for in ability to intimidate, be violent, and rape other inmates. Bubba is more friendly than tiny, and usually has a lot of friends, whereas tiny is more of a loner. Bubba's will often talk about their release date. Very rarely will a bubba be able to drive.
Hey bubba... want my smokes?
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
The big fat asshole in jail who assfucks every guy
Haha, Big Bubba fucked your asshole good... made it bleeeeeeeeeeeed!
by Jason December 28, 2004
your new cellmate you should be scared boi sorry
1# o my cellmate's name is big bubba

2# say your last words