The most underrated film in motion picture history
Man 1- Dude did you see 7 pounds? It changed my life!

Man 2- No I heard it sucked so I saw Yes Man.
by Macbook January 27, 2009
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luki106 on 12.19.2022 about to make the funniest joke the entire LCP community has ever heard
by 7pounder March 17, 2023
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A trey pound 7 is a .357 Magnum. Trey=3 and 5=Pound. 7 is the last number. Trey pound 7=Magnum. Cleveland is near New York, so we share the same slangs.
50 Cent Lyrics (Right Thurr Remix)

I got my trey pound 7 right hurr, right hurr
I'll shoot a nigga ass right hurr, right hurr.
by Rell Tha G May 16, 2006
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The exact weight that Talladega Nights acter Will Ferrell perfers his Jesus to be when saying grace.
"Dear 6 pound 7 ounce baby Jesus..."

"I like to think of Jesus as wearing a tuxedo tee shirt. That way it says im serious but I like to party"

others may like him as a carpenter, reborn, crucified, in all his glory etc etc.
by Igotitallwrong September 18, 2007
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