Why are you searching this oh well ... To thrust a penis into a male or females ass as a insult
Boss:Ur fired Me:I'm six yes old and I'm gonna "Fuck you in the ass"
by The Knak shak January 23, 2018
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This term is a form of saying i pawned you or dominated over you.
*2 guys playing cards*
Guy 1: Damn I Lost.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, I fucked you in the ass.
by screamxmayday January 5, 2011
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A saying that you use when you, or someone else, are at or just had an all time low moment. The emotional or physical pain is compared to being fucked in the ass. Not only is life treating you unjustifiably bad, it is also going to great lengths of emotional or physical destruction.
Bob: My girlfriend just told me there was someone else. Yesterday, I asked her dad for permission to marry her.
Jim: Life Is A Bitch And Sometimes It Fucks You In The Ass.
by Dick Pound69 June 9, 2013
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1: another term for are you fucking kidding me.

2: A queshtions girls use when you stick it in the wrong hole.
1:" denisa totally fucked you in halo"
"Are you fucking my ass"
2: " babe"


"Are you fucking my ass?"
by Alanmakeufeel October 21, 2014
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You ain’t gonna let this hoe get away with their shit. Not today baby
“I’m gonna go fuck your man
“I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch”
by JustWantToGoHome May 18, 2020
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