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A dude you wanna make friends with, so he doesnt fuck you in the ass
Hey bubba, Ill give you a carton of cigs if you stick to the 49s and leave me alone
by ..... January 17, 2004

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someone high in status, usually in control or overpowering others. Used by admirers or friends, should not be used about yourself, or may be considered stush.
"isit you kno (name of crew)"
"(name of crew)! ye, dey on top!"
by ..... November 05, 2003

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Anything having to do with or that is similar to Lau.
You hooked up with another guy at the movies?!? Wow man that was lauesque.
by ..... April 04, 2003

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1. Fagish
2. Loser
3. Can't talk to girls
4. Gay
by ..... April 04, 2003

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When you try not to laugh and you smerk.
but you laugh a little bit and sounds like static.
by ..... October 22, 2003

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Idiot, Assclown, someone with NO brains.

See Stupid.
Holy crap! wI-OSMAN understands something! Hell has Frozen Over!
by ..... October 17, 2003

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is a person who loves the gym and his hair!!! Sexy Beast!!!
Hey, dats Yuwie!
Wat a Yuwie....
by ..... April 18, 2005

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