Normally used when the subject is jailbait but has other uses, like when a particularly bad idea is suggested.
Gwen: Be warned, I was the oldest person at the Mae show last time.
Christopher: Woohoo! Goin' to jail!

gMan: Hey, let's go smoke bowls in front of the police station.
Killa: Aw hell, goin' to jail!
by killa cam July 19, 2004
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a phrase used to indicate anger towards a person, say that something is awesome, or to show your jealosy of someone else's achievment, or to show frustration of something totally terrible that just happened.
"Dude, you got an Aston Martin! Go to Jail!"
Who spilled Mountain Dew on my keyboard? Go to Jail."
by fifth third salsa November 10, 2010
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When somebody tells you that you need to go to jail is because u dick riding with no license it’s a very big felony the minimum is 25-life maximum security prison so stop dick riding -Quadarius
“Aye Jay this man better then you at every sport” “you need to go to jail” that means you dickriding so “You need to go to jail
by Massa Q October 7, 2021
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A phrase used in response to when someone is being excessively sexual on social media, particularly if it's in response to a post which has nothing to do with sex, or which really ought not to stir any sexual desire within anybody. The image that usually accompanies it is the meme dog Doge sternly hitting another dog on the head with a baseball bat.
"Hey look, I got bored in lockdown and did some concept art for this female character I think is cool."
"Damn bro she thicc"
"Dafuq bro, go to horny jail"
by falsetokaiba August 23, 2020
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P1: Hey dude I wanna do that ass
P2: what
P1: Like sex
P2: *BONK* go to horny jail
by Get Nae-Naed asshole February 5, 2021
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