When a girl is grinding on a and puts her hand behind her back into his pants delivering a blowjob.
Hey Katie i was totally dancing on this guy and have him a behind the back!
by noochinator March 27, 2011
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not knowing where you are or how to find a place.
Sonnnn, this place is behind Gods back !
i cant find it anywhere.
by sdoodlesz November 27, 2009
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the act of talking bad about someone when they are not present.
lindsay: "katie is a bitch"
jessica: "yeah, not the brightest either"

in other room
katie: "what are jessica and lindsay saying"
kim: "oh they are just talking behind your back about how bitchy you are"
katie: gasp.
by letsdancetothissong August 07, 2010
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1. talking shit indirectly about a person (usually mean)

2. Talking shit in ear-shot, loud enough to hear, but to another person about some one.
1. A) did you hear about how much of a slut Kelly is?

B) dude shut up! You are talking behind her back!
2. Kelly and Kelsey are standing together, Hannah is a few feet away with another friend.

K) Dude, Hannah's being a bitch. She just needs to get a life and realize no one likes her.

K2) ......

H) You know i can hear you?

K) I know, that's the point, Talking behind someone's back is sooo mean
by URBANDICTIONARYADMIN1039471 January 26, 2011
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A location very far away. To imply a great distance between the present venue the speaker is in and the area he is referring to.
" I offered Lennox a ride home yesterday. What a mistake !
It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to Laval and back. I wouldn't have been so generous if I would have realized beforehand that he lived all the way behind God's back . "
by Marc O.C. & Stephen H. July 16, 2010
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Phrase that is often used by someone right after they fart.
"That was just some asshole talking behind my back!",Jane said softly after she let out a big fart.
by vernon February 03, 2004
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What kids of higher grades say to lower grade kids when walking through the hall to the next class.
*6th grader walks through hall without pass.
*8th grader replies "Get yo behind back to class"
by That kid! January 23, 2012
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