K2 is herbs sprayed with JWH compounds which are synthetic Marijuana like JWH-018 and JWH-200. Ever since the government banned the safer JWH compounds, K2 was sprayed with stronger and more dangerous compounds. K2 turns your nails black now and can kill you. Kratom and Weed doesn't kill you. K2 kills! Weed and Kratom are legal now and much safer than K2!
Kevin (hooked on K2): This K2 is awesome.
Stan: Kevin, your nails are black.

*2 weeks later
Kevin dies.
by HawaiianPunch1 November 9, 2022
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a currently completely legal drug in the united states that looks a lot like potpurri but gives out effects very similar to marijuana, sometimes called roses. It is actually synthesized THC but does not come up on a drug test.
"K2 is legal in kansas, but the dumb-fuck government has to ruin everything for everyone, like, if a bill to save babies for $5 dollars a year total comes along, it takes them 19 fucking cunt months to pass the fucking bill but when K2 comes along and doesn't hurt any-fucking-body, it takes them 2 hours to pass the bill.... i fucking hate the government"
by Quit Raping my Cat February 6, 2010
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An herbal smoking mix of herbs and spices with synthetic THC sprayed on. No studies on its effects have been done but it's said to give a high similar to medical marijuana in that it's shorter lived. It's currently (Feb 2010) legal throughout most of the US.
Person A: Yo lemme get some of dat fine herb....woah what is dis shit?

Person B: K2 mayne, shits off the chain
by asaakira February 19, 2010
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K2, although being the second-highest mountain in the world, is probably the most difficult and dangerous to climb.
Dave: I've climbed Mt. Everest twice.

Jack: Well, lemme know when you've done K2, ya pussy!
by ironflange November 21, 2011
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second-highest mountain on Earth; named in the 19th century by unimaginative British cartographers.
I've got nothin'.
by Shawn E. June 24, 2003
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Herbs and spices mixed with synthetic THC . When You smoke it , it gives you the similar effect that Weed would . It is now illegal (October 2011 and its been illegal for a couple months now . Why ? Because dumb people overdosed and died from it .
John : Ayee broo , did you hear about that chick that overdosed on that fake weed ?

Santiago : K2 ? Yeahh , i did . Sad Shit , broo .
by PrincessDopey<3 October 30, 2011
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The Karakoram is a great mountain system. K-2 in Northeast Pakistan is the highest mountain in the Karakoram range. It is the 2nd highest mountain in thw world. It is known as "The Killer Mountain". Reportedly it is much more difficult to climb than Mount Everest.
Awakening to a complete whiteout and vicious winds, Parmentier radioed base camp by walkie-talkie that he was descending; but with the fixed ropes and all traces of his companions' footprints buried by fresh snow, he soon became lost on the broad, featureless south shoulder of K2.
by Zulfi October 5, 2003
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