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A person who listens to music generes including IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Electronica, Dance, Ambient, Space, BreakBeat, Acid, or Experimental.
OMG! You're listening to The Orb? You're such a Timakulan!
by vernon February 04, 2003
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Troll: Medical term; The patient population that frequents emergency rooms and I.C.U. units. They are easy to spot--all are non-compliant and wait days after becomming ill to seak medical attention. The first thing they have to do after admission is eat and take a shit.
There are three Trolls in the emergency room,the E.M.S. brought them all and thay have no transportation to leave.They all need to eat and take a shit so I guess they will be admitted to I.C.U.
by vernon February 03, 2004
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Phrase that is often used by someone right after they fart.
"That was just some asshole talking behind my back!",Jane said softly after she let out a big fart.
by vernon February 03, 2004
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An immediate arousal of the male sexual organ triggered by a pleasurable sight.
She dropped her drawers and I got a sponty!
by vernon September 25, 2003
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A pro sniper that plays C&C Renegade!!!
Random guy: Omg, can I be like you?

4zN: No.. I am too pro!

Random guy: Ok... fine...
by vernon July 22, 2004
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Political correct term for death expirenced while at the hospital: see alsobit the shit
I was told your husband was in the hospital and was shocked to hear he had a negative patient care outcome.
by vernon February 03, 2004
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