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It is a cheap and flimsy pen, typically found in restaurants, usually presented with the check. This item is needed for carrying out "Beezness" : important tasks of an undefinable nature.

Storing the Beezness inside of a pocket turns Beezness "off" and holding it out in front of your person turns Beezness "on".

The term "Beezness" is used interchangeably with either the pen itself or the corporate body it represents.

Beezness originates in Santa Monica, California. It was founded by the Ayatollah.

Tradition states that every Beezness be stolen from a restaurant or any other respectable establishment.
Mr. Robin - "Dude, vee got anudder beezness!"
Mrs. Darrah - "Beezness on!"
by swissdumbass May 05, 2008
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