Code phrase for watching child pornagraphy. Usually coded in school to not let teachers understand.
Jackson: "Sara, wanna go eat some chicken?"
Sara: "Oh ya! I love eating chicken!"
by J-ChickenEater May 23, 2016
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living the good life, worry-free, leaving all of your troubles in the past
Having two broken arms was rough, but now I'm eating chicken. His dissertation took about 10 years, but now he's eating chicken.
by _ifigured May 25, 2015
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Code for gobbling cock; performing oral sex on penises.
Bob: “Best concert I ever went to was Little Richard!”

Matt: “Why? We’re you eating chicken?”
by Mega Hemroids May 9, 2020
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Eating chicken in the Hood is what a typical gangsta/black dude/cool kid does in his off time. They go to their local KFC and order takeout. Afterwards, they head back to the Hood and party with other gangstas/friends/cool kids. While they feast on the chicken, they also listen to Mo Bamba. After "eating chicken in the hood," they either....

A) Head back to their turfs (@Gangsta)
B) Head to the basketball court and shoot some hoops while listening to Born to Ball (@Black Dude)
C) Spend the rest of the day making dumb KFC jokes (@Cool Kid)

My Baller Rap About Eating Chicken In The Hood:

Eat that chicken,
Eat it good.
Eat it like you eat it,
In the hood.
Eat to fast and bust your gut,
Finger-licking chicken.

(Feel free to use my rap, just as long as you don't claim it for yourself)
D.D. was eating chicken in the hood.
I love eating chicken in the hood.
How does Big Chungus not love eating chicken in the hood?
I love eating chicken in the hood, and you should too!
My girlfriend doesn't like eating chicken in the hood! My now EX girlfriend still hates eating chicken in the hood!
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November 11 is eating chicken day which mean you only eat chicken for that whole day nothing else.
Guys it's November 11 which mean we will only eat chicken !!!! I love eating chicken day\november 11
by Da chicken November 2, 2019
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Another way of saying, "Lets smoke some weed," or " Lets get high." Typically used if you do not want everyone around you to know what you are talking about.
"Hey man what do you want to do?"

"Lets eat some chicken."

"Hell yeah!"
by flippedsk8er April 22, 2010
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Most commonly attributed to Jim Morrison of The Doors. This line is originally from the blues song “Back Door Man” by Willie Dixon. The singer is bragging about all the married women he has sex with, sneaking out the back door while her husband is coming in the front.
I eat more chicken than any man ever seen.
by JohnWayne_FightOn June 4, 2022
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