Santa Monica is a town in Los Angeles County by the beach. Santa Monica has a variety of people. It is mostly whites & Hispanics. North part of Santa Monica is full of rich people and celebrities. The rest of the city is middle-class and some parts are ghetto. Gangs in Santa Monica are: Santa Monica 17th Street, 16th Street, Graveyard Crips, and there use to be 21st street. All of these gangs are made up of hispanics exept for the Graveyard crips.
Santa Monica is the coolest city in the world.
by everynamebeingusedbysomeonelse November 26, 2011
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Hip artistic enclave, more moneyed than poor now where poverty, commercialism and materialism meet to shock L.A
Funkiest and most urban beach community in America
by Blonde at heart November 12, 2003
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Small city of roughly 100,000 people that borders Los Angeles on the western side. People seem to think that Santa Monica is this bohemian paradise of a town, but, in fact, it's loaded with yuppies who take all the fun out of it. Many commonly traversed areas smell of urine, and there are homeless people everywhere. Parking is atrocious, the place is crowded as hell, and there isn't much to do except spend money, and go to the beach. Santa Monica is very overrated.
I'm going to Santa Monica tomorrow.

Oh, wow, look out for the urine smell.
by surrealfx August 28, 2005
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Place on the western side of Los Angeles that tries way too hard to be cool, hip, in, etc. In reality, Santa Monica consists of yuppies and young professionals. Santa Monica's coolness is declining sharply as other areas in and around Los Angeles are becoming more hip.
Good luck trying to get parking in Santa Monica, beware of the urine smell that engulfes popular areas, watch out for trash on the beach, and give money to the droves homeless people.
by surrealfx August 11, 2005
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It is nice north of wilshire south of wilshire it has gangbangers such as sm 17 and grave yard crip plyus v13 next to venice them combined is a surf ghetto completeley

be careful
by bkallday October 19, 2007
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A Santa Monica City College that boasts one of the best transfer rates anywhere in the country. It has the #1 transfer rate to UCLA and other UC schools compared to Los Angeles community colleges. Because of the high property tax, SMC is well-funded and has great programs, a fantastic and open campus, and a diverse student body.
"Trying to park at Santa Monica College? It might take a while"
by B47 June 26, 2009
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Santa Monica 13 also known as SMX3, SMX7, and SM17 (17th St) is a gang formed in the “Far West” of Los Angeles in the 1920’s and is the first gang to originate of the “West Side 4 Corners” which includes Culver City 13, Sotel 13, and Venice 13. Rivals include CxC13 (Culver City 13), V13 (Venice 13), S13 (Sotel 13), LNX13 (Lennox 13), GYGC 3X (Graveyard Gangster Crips), XV3 (18th Street), VSLC 2X (Venice ShoreLine Crips) and more. The only remaining cliques of SM17 are Little Locos (LLS), and PeeWee Locos (PWLS).
by OldHead02 November 17, 2020
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