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Keri is always the girl who will pick you up when you're down, always full of banter and she's a sexy fox.
"Keri is yummy"
by Mememe122 March 02, 2015
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One of the beautiful people. Always put together very well. Always wears makeup,smells good and always has bling bling on her neck. Keris have huge boobs and are not afraid to show them! If you meet a Keri kiss her feet because you are in the presence of a real life princess!Keris love attention and love to hear they are beautiful because they are!
Did you see that girl trying to be a Keri? She was wearing makeup, bling blingin it and had her boobs hanging out of her shirt!?

Other:There is only one true Keri is this world that can pull off being a Keri!
by Lortab Sparks July 10, 2008
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the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, if u ever find a keris never let her go she is the most kind and sexy person you will see and always a good kisser ;)
god ur going out with a keris, lucky
by tim dory December 20, 2016
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One of the cool names of the '60s and '70s (although often confused by hearers of the name with Carrie) that's managed to hang onto a measure of energy and appeal. Irish Origin means "Dusky or Dark". British Origin means "Of royalty".
"Hi my name is Keri" -girl
"Wow what an amazing name." -me

by Kevin5 December 02, 2006
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Keri is a beautiful and very well put together young lady. She never leaves the house without lipgloss and mascara. Keri's are generally divas. They have a poppin body. They love to accessorize. Keri's will not put up with annoying or rude people, they will take them down. They tend to be very sexy people. Keri's usually stick up for what they believe in. And they don't let anyone get in their way or try to tell them what to do.....unless it's their parents.
"Awwwww shoot! Did you see that girl over there?! Her name's gotta be Keri"

"'Dayum! Dude did you see that chick over there?'
'Ya dude, she definatley looks like a Keri'"
by dancergurlll77 December 02, 2011
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A fun, likeable friend. Beautiful and outgoing. Don't get on her bad side or she will hurt you! She likes to be called Short Stack but I will always call her Short Stuff. :) <3
Whoa! I got on Keris' s bad side and she broke my arm!
by Eternal Awesomeness October 21, 2015
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