Chantal is so adorable and so cute,you cant live without her in your life. She is so beautiful even though she says shes not. A lot of people think she is an angel. Chantal looks cute with straight hair and curly hair,she loves Stitch. Some people would die if they dont talk to Chantal. Shes the cutest girl in the universe!!!
I thought my life had no meaning until i met Chantal.
by Savagecat235 December 7, 2020
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A devastating beauty with a fiery personality. Part lover part fighter, Chantals know how to make it rain. Your life is incomplete if you lack a Chantal. A completely magical girl.
Boy: I met a Chantal the other day for the first time and I think I'm in love.
by a_concerned_citizen March 31, 2009
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A down to earth straight up girl. Very funny and cute and has the smile to prove it. Loves to kiss and is good at it too! A Chantal is not fake and will be real with you as long as you are always real with her. Deffinately has style AND class and is not cheap! She is a people pleaser and would rather please the people in her life she cares about rather then herself. She always puts others first. Without Chantal's the world would not be as good of a place. She's deffinately the girl you want to have with you at a party! Chantal's know how to have fun! Not to mention, they've got MAJOR sex appeal!! Everyone wants a piece of a Chantal! ;) Guys && Girls alike!
Chantal sexy real outgoing true friend amazing hottie cute
by ihearteatingboogers February 4, 2010
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an awesome bi*ch that won't take any shit at all. Intimidating, but innocent, and a hell of a personality. Fiery and brave, but lacking in self confidence. Always seems to shy away at times. Doesn't make friends easily, and holds onto the ones she has, and tight. Hell of a complexion, and turns heads wherever she goes. Loves to laugh, even at her own expense. Easy going, but always on guard, and ALWAYS ready for a fight or a bi*ch brawl. Don't wanna mess with a Chantal, she gets pissed real easy. Real loving, and a good kisser, and always somewhat curvy, but not slutty.
Boy 1: dude! Did you see that bi*ch Chantal? Man, she's easy on the eyes!

Boy 2: dude, she's way out of your league! But she's totally in mine!
by yu' mom April 6, 2015
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An insanely beautiful girl that you can barely look at but cant get your eyes off of, has a killer body with a strong personality to follow. Dont mess with this girl or anyone close to her because you will know her name. Beautiful blue eyes, adorable dimples, cutest smile youll ever see, if you have her, you are definitely the luckiest girl around. She makes you fall in love with her everyday, everytime she laughs, everytime she smiles, and when she looks at you with her shiny eyes it feels like youve been shot and thrown in heaven. Loyal, trustworthy, alluring, ADORABLE, sweet, radiant, wonderful, mysterious, hilarious, loving girl. You never want to lose her and would do anything to keep her right by your side. You just wanna squeeze her to death, constantly want to kiss her, just want to fall asleep next to her but get crazy in bed with her at the same time. If youre with a Chantal like I am, never let her go.
Chantal, Never forget that youre the most beautiful girl to my eyes
by monyqqaa October 21, 2014
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Chantal is the girl of any guys dreams. Extremely beautiful and has a gorgeous smile. She will always be by your side and always will make sure you're okay. She is extremely funny and always has a joke to throw at you. If you ever find a Chantal, you are definitely one lucky guy. Her smile can get you going crazy, it's like no other. She has great body and knows how to make you go crazy over it. She loves to kiss you and she is a fantastic kisser. If you ever find a Chantal, you better treat her right. She is one (if not the best) girl out there that is. She is the girl of any guys dreams.
Cody: Woah, she's so beautiful. Her name must be Chantal.
by LOLKMCOCMLOL September 14, 2017
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Always has a smile on her face. Lightens your day. The second most unique way of spelling "chantel"
"whats your name"
"chantal with an a , l "
by myshy` June 30, 2009
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