4 definitions by Little Miss Brat

A beast of a man who will do anything and everything for his family and friends. He will comfort you, give you a good laugh, protect you, and show you how to submit to your darker side. Never cross him if you want to continue living and only submit to him when you want to see what you are truly capable of.
Masekh is the man everyone wants to have as a friend.
by Little Miss Brat November 10, 2016
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Doing drugs and other illegal substances, lying, or doing activities that should not be done as they are illegal, risk your health, or make you a liar to those around you. Acting selfishly in a way that will produce negative health outcomes.
We're beezing tonight and eating the entire McDonald's menu.
by Little Miss Brat July 03, 2021
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In brat terms - keeping your dominant in line with where he is at or just on edge constantly.
It's my job to humble you to death.
by Little Miss Brat January 27, 2021
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