The name given to someone who repeats what others have said.
John: Whoa man, what a goal by Man Utd!
Amaad: Whoooa What a goal by Man UTD man!
John: I just said that, stop acting like The Echo
by littleengland14 December 15, 2010
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A copy of something. Unorginal. A joke that goes on and on and on and on and well u get the point. It is a needless excess in the world and adds nothing but obnoxious repeate. You want to be different so you name your kid Echo.
Mom: I was not acknowledged and often turned down hey I know I will name my kid echo to get some attention anywhere I can grab it.
by loraanne March 29, 2010
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The Echo is a reverberation mimic of sound, when a sound is pronounced, it travels in sound waves and bounces back from the wall back to your listening receptors.
{Sound}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} |Wall|
{Ears}{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ |Wall|
by Dan Slater December 09, 2004
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The annoying technique of someone on a Car Club Cruise talking over the top of safety calls so no one can actually hear anything.
Adrianna kept echoing over the top of Sharon and we couldn't hear a thing!
by GoldenOne September 24, 2005
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echo...what?? also available:
used to terminally annoy people while driving, see a Toyota person says person says what.
echo...what?? SHUT UP!!!!!
by Grub August 05, 2004
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A word that signifies you have heard a piece of gossip before.
"Omg Harry and Caitlin hooked up!"
"Yeah echo."
by Richbitch101 September 09, 2014
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That sound your hear when there is a pedophile behind you but you just ignore it because you are a savage.
Yo my dood, did you hear that echo?
Yeah my dood, that was cool.
HUGYFFCFVGFGJHKJNMGBFHFVDCRCHGVH... H...H... h... h... h... ... .. .
by Mr. Noobster November 15, 2017
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