To be extremely thin, skeletal, as a result of starvation or malnutrition. Often, this look is similar or thinner than "heroin chic" and adored by many online "ana" communities.
Many holocaust prisoners became emaciated from starvation.
by Nicole1921 July 19, 2006
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when a person is so thin you can see all their beautiful bones
anorexics are usually emaciated
by i_heart_ana February 6, 2004
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Mad fuckin' hungry. You have the munchies, but your not high. Coincides well with the phrase "hungry as balls".
I'm emaciated, and may possibly die of hunger, if I don't get some KFC snackers up in this.
by Dr. Judge Laxidazical April 8, 2006
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when two people have an extremely long night of sexual intercourse.
usually occurs after a long period of no sex.

Nick and Chelsea love to emaciate when they get the opportunity.
by lickin the clit nick July 11, 2008
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A person of substantial height and extremely underweight. Often annoying, obnoxious, and extremely geeky. Usually wrong but extremely egotistic.
Guy 1: Did you know that Intel PC's are coming out with native quad-cores for Yorkfield?
Guy 2: No. That's nahalem. You are such a emaciated tadpole.
by Lee Savery October 15, 2007
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