A hired ruffian sent to extract money with the threat of removing your goods cos you didnt pay either your council tax or your parking fines. They usually take the original fine and multiply it by 10 to get the fugure that they are gonna demand to be paid ( usually in full at 6.30 am when you are still in bed ) or else!
Most bailiffs are 20 stone shaven headed thugs who should belong in Wormwood Scrubs and what they do is the real definition of the phrase " Legalised Daylight Robbery "
They belong to the same catogory of people as Traffic Wardens and Traffic Cops - Totally inflexible wankers who are put on this planet to cause misery and upset to people who just want to have a little enjoyment in life.
Bailiffs are truly hated but still believe that folks who have nothing and live on the breadline want to make them a cuppa when they call with their van plus their hyper inflated fees and sarky attitudes to remove all the poor buggers worthly goods and leave them sitting on the floor in an empty house - all to pay a parking fine, which was issued by their fellow mate - the Traffic Warden.
Jase, its the Bailiff at the door, Don't let the bastard in cos he'll clear the flat out to pay my parking fine!
by stevie-J August 25, 2007
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thick 'who ate all the pies cunt' who comes round your house, stares at you and asks if your in.
:is mister titwank in?
by gavin September 14, 2003
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Someone who bails out of plans, or stands you up.
Where's Holmes?
Dunno. Guess he's a bailiff.
by madbug September 4, 2005
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One who engages in anal sex.
My new boyfriend is a bum-bailiff. He only wants to do my arse.

Carl is a bum-bailiff.
by Eaton Holgoode February 2, 2018
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When you’re fucking a girl that owes you money, you tie her to the bed, duck her hard then Cummins on her eyes so she can’t see… grab her purse and run, and never look back.
You know that Shannon Grange that wouldn’t pay me back that £500 yeh, well last night I went to hers and ‘angry bailiffed’ her. Ha. silly cunt.
by Feistyleelover September 1, 2023
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An individual who prepares and cleans a deceased body for the funeral
We need to arrange for a Medical Bailiff before the funeral
by Peter Sam August 15, 2015
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