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A 90's Japanese car used for private hire or Hackney that is cherished by Indians and Pakistanis, usually a Toyota Carina-E or old Avensis that has covered 300,000 miles and battered to hell.
They will usually be full of clutter, have vile seat covers, stink of piss and vomit, have a bent MOT and be totally unroadworthy - purchased on Ebay for £100.
They will always turn up late and never ring the doorbell, choosing to blast their horns outside instead.
They will always rip you off, especially if its Saturday night 2.00 am in Manchester City Centre and you are pissed up after a night on the beer. They always chatter away on their CB Radios in Punjabi / Gudjurati / Hindi etc and have Bhangra playing on the tape deck.
Whats that awful noise - its a paki's taxi with a blown exhaust! - £20 quid to the end of the street - I'll get the bus it'll be more comfortable and quieter!
by stevie-J August 24, 2007

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A hired ruffian sent to extract money with the threat of removing your goods cos you didnt pay either your council tax or your parking fines. They usually take the original fine and multiply it by 10 to get the fugure that they are gonna demand to be paid ( usually in full at 6.30 am when you are still in bed ) or else!
Most bailiffs are 20 stone shaven headed thugs who should belong in Wormwood Scrubs and what they do is the real definition of the phrase " Legalised Daylight Robbery "
They belong to the same catogory of people as Traffic Wardens and Traffic Cops - Totally inflexible wankers who are put on this planet to cause misery and upset to people who just want to have a little enjoyment in life.
Bailiffs are truly hated but still believe that folks who have nothing and live on the breadline want to make them a cuppa when they call with their van plus their hyper inflated fees and sarky attitudes to remove all the poor buggers worthly goods and leave them sitting on the floor in an empty house - all to pay a parking fine, which was issued by their fellow mate - the Traffic Warden.
Jase, its the Bailiff at the door, Don't let the bastard in cos he'll clear the flat out to pay my parking fine!
by stevie-J August 24, 2007

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Nasty hatchet faced scumbag who has a hatred for mankind and nothing else better to do with his/her life than stamp yellow penalty tickets on folks cars that have to work for a living and find it impossible to do so nowadays cos of petty rules and regulations designed to make parking impossible without forking out a small fortune.
Traffic Wardens also fit into the category of total Jobsworths who relish pissing people off and then carry microcameras and recording eqiupment to further punish the irate motorist angry that he has been ticketed for going 1 minute over time on the parking meter.
Like the Dinosaurs, they are tyrants who will sooner or later be made extinct.
Oh fuck, there's the Traffic Warden, better go and put another small mortgage in the meter to last the next ten minutes!
by stevie-J August 24, 2007

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A chav phrase for Tracksuit Bottoms or Track Pants, Its used a lot by Scousers
Where did you get them trackies from?
by stevie-J August 16, 2007

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A vehicle, normally a car, which is the normal mode of transport for a yob/hoody/chav/boyracer (ie male under 21).
A yobmobile is normally a Saxo, 106, Clio, Nova, Corsa or some other small car with a huge array of add ons, massive bodykits, a stupendously loud stereo (usually played LOUD with the blacked out windows down)
It will normally have a Really LOUD exhaust with a HUGE chromed/flared Tailpipe. It will usually be fitted with blue LED's, Induction Filter and Always will have super shiny Alloys.
It is usually driven at night at excessive speeds round most council estates, town centres, Retail park car parks and can often be seen being pursued by the Police.
Most yobmobiles will not be insured or have any road tax either, as the owner will spend all his money on the car's appearance
Look at that yobmobile doing handbrake turns over on Tesco's car park, must be costing a fortune in tyres!
by stevie-J August 16, 2007

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Racist term for a Black policeman
Good Morning "Coonstable"!
by stevie-J March 09, 2008

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A really old and/or clapped out car which should be in the scrappy but is still being used
I aint goin in that cab, its a right shitbanger!
by stevie-J August 16, 2007

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