The most awesome person you'll meet. He may look like he doesn't want any {attention} or {affection} but he does, he craves it. So, if you have a Jase make sure you shower him with unconditional love. He is very shy at first but once you get to know him he can be the craziest, and {funniest} person on the planet. He is very sweet and loving and the sexiest guy you'll meet, he always tries to hides his feelings but if he really cares about you, he can't hide them no longer. He's amazing and if you find him, keep him. Don't let him go, you'll regret it
"Omg! Look! It's Jase, he's SO hot!"
by PurpleQuees November 23, 2018
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Jean, I’m just going for a Jase, be about half an hour
by Lesbian Icon March 14, 2021
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An amazing guy that I will always love. I wish you could have seen how much you deserve. Keep trying...I hope you find whatever will bring you happiness.
Jase - "you my friend, I will defend, and if we change well I love you anyways"
by Joker to the right August 19, 2011
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The only person that can smile and win your whole heart. He's so entertaining, rad, and handsome. He's like no other. Whoever isn't around him is truly missing out on an awesome, tremendous, smart, intelligent individual. Jase makes you love him without saying a word. Did I mention he's overly HANDSOME!
Jase: Hey guys want to hang?

Friends: I just love him. He's the life of the party.
by ForeverGirl123456 January 30, 2017
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The dominant human being that rules over all thots and destroys any small pp men with his 8" inch cock.
Jase has a fat cok.
by QueefSupreme April 14, 2022
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Jase is a very cool person who may seem quiet and maybe shy but if you show him attention he will open up to you. He is a person who may be afraid to share his feelings but really wants to have close friends that will stick by his side. He cares about the way he is perceived and the way he looks and always tries to make a good impression of himself. If you know a Jase just know that even though he seems shy he wants your affection and attention and be sure to treat him right.
Jase is a rad dude.
by Jase❤️ November 29, 2019
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Where do you even start! He's a gorgeous human being in every way possible. He is extremely polite in most situations unless you piss him off. The guy is just sexy all around. Guys named Jase usually have a rather large dick. In my experience a Jase will for sure ravish you in bed because he knows that's what you want. He usually keeps things to himself and you really have to draw his feelings out. He's the type of guy that you can bring home to your family and know they will like him. He's always been one of the popular kids and always dated the popular girl. When you meet a Jase I suggest you hold onto him because guys like him are hard to come by.
Jase and I went out last night and I've never met a more polite guy in my life.
by Your's TrulyYour's Tru May 26, 2017
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