Gangster slang. What you would call a good friend, a stranger, or even mockery against an adversary.
Was`sup, holmes.
You got a problem with it, holmes?
by SD December 18, 2003
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"Holmes" (L is not silent) is the correct Ebonics pronunciation which has a history of being used equivalently with, "dude", "guy", "man" or similar non-familiar alternatives not in the third person.

It was made popular in late 60s East Coast slang, and then later devolved into, "homes" (silent L) at which point it was incorrectly assumed to be short for, "homeboy".

"Homeboy" is typically expressed as a familiar, friendly term often in the third person.

Unlike homeboy, holmes can be used in a variety of ways to denote friendship, aggressiveness, or dubious curiousity.
"What you lookin at holmes?"

"Nice score on that one holmes!"

"Hey Holmes..."
by mpoodle January 7, 2012
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A hispanic-slang; the hispanic version of homies usually used after every sentence.
Guy 1: Yo you gotta a problem with me, holmes
Guy 2: No I'm cool, holmes
by Kanye West Biggest Fan! May 31, 2009
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The greatest detective that ever lived (although he never actually lived since he's a fictional character).
Read a book about Sherlock Holmes and everything will be clear to you. And remember, books > movies.
by Sherlock Holmes August 14, 2007
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The best last name ever. Unless people continually call you "Sherlock" or say, "What's up Holmes?"
Person 1: "What's your name?"
Person 2: "Meagan Holmes."
Person 1: "What's up Holmes. Hey, are you related to Sherlock?"
Person 2: *dear God* "He's fictional."
Person 1: "No way!"
Person 2: mumbling "Jesus Christ, you're thick."
by doodledooooooooooooo October 3, 2010
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A compliment saying that the one being complimented has a large penis. Holmes is derived from the 70's porn star who had a 14 inch wang.
Minority 1: Yo holmes!
Minority 2: Yo ese!
by bbbigbossbb October 16, 2005
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The nickname for your lunch aid that calls you and your friends things such as; “homeboy,” “fart,” “nerd,” and “barbecue sauce
Holmes: What’s up homeboy?

Me: Good?
Holmes: Go poop on yourself
by YourDailyDoseOfConk October 17, 2018
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