Establish that something is definitely so; confirm.
I want to make sure that none of you are Kira
by Donald64 July 27, 2014
Moxxie's first coffee order from Helluva Boss episode 6, "Truth seekers"
"what do you want mox?", " I'll have a neopolitan cappuccino more cappu than ccino and make sure theres no more than 4 ounces of milk, the beans wont have the right texture otherwise, and make sure they spell my name right on the cup. they always spell it foxy or Roxy, i hate that. If you cant handle that i'll have a Ventee traditional misto please use soy milk with two blond shots, Affagato and ristretto. I'd also love 3 vanilla pumps at the bottom, then add the coffee."
by VoidPineapple August 23, 2021
When you roast your bro and his hoe when the relationship get's in the way.
"Sorry, mates I gotta take my girl home."
"Make sure to walk your dog safely."
by Meme_buddha October 13, 2019